I Feel Alone changed to On My Own

The Lyrics for I Feel Alone or the new Title “On My Own”

On my own

Verse 1
I used to love it when I wandered on, all alone, in city crowds
It used to make me feel im on my own, against the world, superior
But that was then and how my mind has changed, i miss my town, my family

From town to town i travel on and on, away from home, all alone 
The joy i felt when i was on my own, in city lights, exploring nights
Has disappeared and all i want for now, to have you here, my dearest ones.

I,ve been around a while
I’ve Seen them strangers smile
Discussing weather and well known facts
I predict how they act
Seen it too many times before
Its not for me anymore

I feel alone
In this crowd
I feel alone
Where Silence’s not allowed
I feel alone
Even though they are kind
Grows a boredom within
That infects my mind

Verse 2
Im off to work, im a proffesional, greeting folks, with subtle smile
I laugh restrained, and give them compliments, i call them ‘friend’, let them grow
Its not a way of being cynical, i like them too, but not for real

I used to love it, centre of a crowd, a special one, a distant man
But recently ive started wander off, away from this, in my mind
I rather be among my family, for whom i care, who give me joy

all i want you see
Is to have you here with me
I miss you so
My beloved ones..

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