Checking out the venue in Stockholm

Spent some time in Stockholm and fetched the opportunity of checking out the KGB venue, where we’ll play March 15, should you have missed it. It’s always a good thing checking out the venues in order to be able to prepare and to bring the right gear. Here are some pics of this rather peculiar place. It’ll be massive playing here!

20140205-151526.jpg  20140205-151534.jpg

20140205-151539.jpg  20140205-151600.jpg



Some words on the first gig ever

The Livelong June had it’s first live gig ever yesterday. We played a laid back venue in the small town of Huskvarna at centre for mentally ill people. Quite an odd venue with the 30 people crowd sitting in sofas and couches and listening carefully, clapping hands enthuastically. What a luxury playing for a concentrated audience!

We played six songs:
That’s why I love weekends
(You put me in) Robot mode
Minus 10 degrees
Hello World
Brighter lights

Plus one encore:
Minus 10 degrees
Quite unexpectedly the audience chosed the (what we thougt) song that’s most hard to like. It’s not exactly a pop song..

The concert went well with only a few minor setbacks. Super fun experience!

Next time, as Benny wrote, we’ll bring a drummer and deliver a set even more close to the demo sound! But, hey what great evening we had!

We even got to write autographs..!